Tree Trimming in Bucks County, PA

If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that the trees around your house have been growing with you and your family. After a while, trees can get too big to handle. When you still want to keep the beauty of your trees but get rid of some of its excess branches and limbs, you should consider utilizing a professional tree trimming service.

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Hiring professionals for a tree trimming service is crucial for many reasons:

  • Safety - Safety first -- how predictable. It’s true, though. Neglecting dangling branches can be extremely dangerous. If you see broken limbs, don’t wait to take action. From animals to windy weather, there are many catalysts to branches falling off of trees and onto homes, cars, and even people. Our Yardley, Langhorne, and Bensalem, PA tree pruning solutions are proven to be done safely every time. Don’t put yourself or others in danger by performing high-risk procedures on your own. Rick’s Expert Tree Service has been pruning trees for over 20 years, and we have it down to a science. Our service is always undoubtedly quick, simple, harmless, and affordable.
  • Beauty - Looks aren’t everything, but they are an important part of every yard in Bucks County, PA. A landscape's aesthetic says a lot about the home, residents, and even the neighborhood itself. Properly maintaining your yard can even enhance the home’s image, which increases the property’s value.
  • Improve Functionality -Trees are often hosts to awesome play-places and treehouses. Children of all ages are channeling their inner-animal and “hanging” out with friends from the neighborhood. From tire swings to climbing contests, it is important to eliminate sharp edges, unstable branches, and damaged stumps to avoid a potential disaster while monkeying around. Our Holland, PA stump removal and tree trimming make life way easier when constructing your next fort.

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Also, overcrowded brush and branches near electrical wires and other outdoor devices can eventually become hazardous. Nip those problems in the bud by utilizing Rick’s Expert Tree Service’s cost-effective tree trimming in Bensalem, Southampton, Newtown, and all of Bucks County.

From Trevose, PA tree removal to emergency tree services across Bucks County, PA, Rick’s truly is the expert company in the Greater Philadelphia Area. To discuss our tree trimming options in Yardley, Bensalem, PA and beyond, call 215-785-2169 today!

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