About Us

It is our goal to provide exceptional service in the most efficient way leaving clients with high quality tree care at low costs. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our no payment till job is complete policy.

Company History

Rick's Expert Tree Service was started on a limb by two individuals with a hard work ethic and a will to succeed.

The company initially focused on tree removals and grinding stumps. Jodie or Rick would look for any yard with a dead tree or stump and knock on the door or leave an estimate on the door. This is how the business ran for the first several years. Through the years, and a lot of hard work, it has grown into a full service tree company and incorporated in 2001. The company consists of an amazing team of skilled and educated arborists, climbers, ground crews, and state of art equipment.

The company's reputation speaks for itself. Approximately 85% of new clients are from referrals. The true secret of success thus far is the compassion and knowledge of the owners and employees of arboriculture.

About The Founders

Rick Horger, Founder & Vice President

As a child, Rick started out working in the tree industry under his mentor Uncle Scott Mason, owner and operator of a large tree outfit. Since as far back as he can remember, Rick has been in the tree industry. He started as a young boy handing out flyers and business cards. By the time he was sixteen, he was a foreman running his own crew. He worked for family, neighbors, and friends after school and on weekends. At sixteen years of age, Rick was able to purchase his first truck. Soon followed another truck and a stump grinder. The above picture was taken by a homeowner in Crestmont Farms, Philadelphia when Rick was 16 years old. Pictured is the large, dead, diseased, and hollow tree removal he completed. Rick can not remember how old he was when he felled his first tree, but he has been running a chainsaw as far back as he can remember and splitting firewood as young boy.

Rick is a self educated arborist through on the job experience and reading text books on arboriculture.

Rick makes the purchases, operates and maintains equipment, and is in charge of hiring employees.

Rick believes in coming to a job prepared and with the right equipment to make it as efficient as possible. He believes in treating all clients with respect and treats every property as if it was his grandparents.

When Rick is not working, depending on the season, you can find him with the kids on the wrestling mats, at dance recitals, or baseball games. Otherwise, Rick is an extremist and enjoys spending his weekends with family, friends, and coworkers fishing, kayaking, surfing, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, quading, cliff jumping,.. in a nut shell: usually up for anything and usually the first to do it all.

Joan (Jodie) Horger, Founder & President

Joan Horger was attending The Pennsylvania State University in Abington, PA and working full time for Chrysler Financial in Horsham, PA when Rick and Jodie decided to dive in head first and turn the business into a full time career. Continuing toward her goals of graduating college she kept her full time job for the first year, which paid for her degree in business at The Pennsylvania State University. This also gave a steady income while the business was getting on its feet. Taking business courses allowed her to focus on Rick's Expert Tree Service even more by using her connections to help the business grow. She was able to use Rick's for most of her school projects and reports and even did her internship at Rick's Expert Tree Service. Joan graduated in January of 2002 on the dean's list. At this point she put her resignation to Chrysler Financial and put all her focus on Rick's Expert Tree Service.

Joan Horger always loved the outdoors, hiking, camping, and even tree climbing. Joan quickly got out on the field and grew a love for arboriculture. She continued education classes for arboriculture at Penn State, Rutgers, and University of Swarthmore Colleges. In 2006, Joan became an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist. In 2007, Joan became a registered consultant arborist at American Society of Consulting Arborist.

Joan runs the customer service, financial, estimating, consulting, education and safety programs. She also oversees the jobs from start to finish.

The above picture was taken during a lot clearing job Rick and Jodie did in 2000.

Joan believes in meeting, or exceeding, her customer's expectations through excellent service and great price.